Thursday, 12 September 2013

Second Half Marathon

My second half marathon...

Last month I ran my second half marathon! Not nearly ready, with very little training I ran this race to prove to everyone that anything is possible. I could have been sitting on the couch feeling bad for myself but instead I got up and ran my second half marathon only 5 months post surgery.

Jaylee and I morning of the race!
Group of girls I ran with, just moments before race time.
This race was more difficult then my first half but I was determined to finish...

4.1km to go! Just about hit the point of exhaustion here!
as I had to walk the majority of the last 4.1 km, my mother in law Randie Mulligan came to meet me about the last km of the race to run through the finish line.
I cant stress enough how much I encourage everyone to get out there and just go for their dreams. Anything is possible if you just put your mind to it. I still struggle everyday with running and exercise. I get tired easily but I just try! :)
I am currently working towards my third half marathon in just over two weeks, however I may have to cut back and just run 10km but that's OK! I will strive to do my best for Disney 2014 and run an even better race. 
I know its extremely difficult for even those who are close to me to understand what Im going through but I know that in time everything will be OK, so I just have to understand them. It truly is a struggle everyday to "pretend" to feel perfect when in reality I don't but I still put a smile on my face and treat each day as a gift.
Happy Running!!!



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