Thursday, 24 January 2013


Well, First off I just wanna say Thank You one more time because everyones kind words mean so much to me. I am so blessed to have so many amazing people in my life. <3

Anyways, I feel like its time for an update since my first post!

When I last seen my Endocrinologist (the same day I got my diagnoses), I was yet again sent away to do more tests. She wanted to make sure there were no more tumors growing anywhere else in my body. For the next couple of weeks I went for X-Rays and more blood work. 
A week ago (January 16th), I was headed back into the doctors office to find out my results. No more tumors!!!! This was such a nice relief, as I was getting a little worried. 

Since the day I met with my Neurosergeon I have been waiting for a phone call to tell me when my surgery would be taking place. Each and every time I would hear my phone ring, my heart would almost skip a beat in hopes that it would be the Foothills. 
On January 16th as I was walking up the stairs into the doctors office, my phone rang. This was it!! The phone call that would set the date to change my life. It was Foothills hospital, telling me the details to my surgery date. Surgery was set for the end of February and I was set up to have a pre-operation phone call just two days later. 
This was a little overwhelming, I knew the phone call was coming and I also knew there would soon be a surgery date, but to have the date now set, made everything so much more real. 

Two days later, I recieved another phone call from the pre-admissions at Foothills hospital. This phone call was a little overwhelming as well as they went through everything. A lot of question and answers. The nurse explained to me exactly what would happen the day of surgery and she also went over all the prep for the days leading up to my surgery. 
There are some small concerns, so I will have to go in a week before my surgery to meet with a anesthesiologist to go over a few things. 

Each day that goes by is still a struggle, there are still times when I look in the mirror and I don't see myself. I see the disease! The most important thing for me right now is to stay positive. 
Everything is happening so fast, this I am so thankful for. Soon... In just four weeks this nightmare will be over and I will get my life back. I will fight through each day, one at a time. Now it is time for me to be as healthy as I can be so I can recover to the best of my ability. 
One thing I know, is each day is made so much easier just knowing how much love and how much support I am surrounded by.  
What an amazing feeling!!!:) 

Oh and I almost forgot to add... I registered for my second half marathon this upcoming summer. This motivates me and gives me something to look forward to after recovery! ;)

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  1. well said you ars truly a amazing girl to have went threw this all but soonenough they will remove the tumour and u will regain your life u do have alot of people that send there love prayers and support and i will be there by your side love you more than wordscan say mom xoxo