Wednesday, 20 February 2013


As months turn into weeks and weeks turn into days, those days are now turned into hours!

I am officially hours away from the procedure that may change my life forever.. My emotions are blank but I just have to stay positive. I have been a ball of emotions and honestly I can't even find the proper words to describe exactly how I am feeling but I do have such amazing support from so many people. Between friends and family I couldn't be more thankful right now. It really means a lot to me.

Just a week ago I met with an anesthesiologist for my pre-operation. Meeting with her really put my mind at ease about a lot of things I was nervous for which is good. She explained everything into detail and told me step by step what was going to happen. She is not the same anesthesiologist that will be helping me out tomorrow but she assured me that I am in really good hands.

I will keep positive thoughts in this journey and tomorrow I will beat Cushing's Disease once and for all.. I will regain my strength and get back the life that has been robbed from me the past 2 years. I will also teach the awareness of Cushing's Disease because it truly is awful and if I can help just one person then that's what is important. There is so much about this journey that I wish I could change but I believe I was given this obstacle to help others, so that is what I will do!

Since I found out about my surgery I have registered for two 5km races, one 10km race and two half marathons! :) I have a lot to look forward too this summer.

Positive thoughts and Positive prays!

I will write again as soon as I am feeling better!
(So you will hear about my surgery experience very soon!!)

Lotsa Love,


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