Thursday, 28 March 2013


Finally, I arrived home Monday afternoon and I don't think there any words to describe how happy I was. Like I said before, surgery was finally over and I could finally get myself back on the road to health, a new me, a new start!!
As we drove up to the house I was getting so excited because I knew the second Scout saw me he would be so happy. I missed him so so much!! I walked into the house and there he was jumping around, I couldn't have been happier. I was finally home, finally got to be with my little man and I had a whole house FULL of flowers. Thank you so much to everyone who came with flowers and gifts, I couldn't appreciate it more. :)
I had so much support at this point it was a little over-whelming. One of my close friends had even organized my suppers to be delivered for the next two weeks so I could get some much needed rest. This was just amazing. Thank You Julie so much for putting this together and also Thank You everyone who was involved in the dinner making, Bradey and I appreciate this so much and it was all delish!

The following Monday I had a follow-up appointment with my Endocrinologist, she was very please with how everything was looking. Basically most important was getting my cortisol levels back on track. This is going to take some time but that's understandable with how much they had dropped and how much my body was used to. I was told to slowly wein myself off them so then hopefully my pituitary would start functioning on its own again.
I also had an eye appointment with an eye specialist to make sure there was no damage done to my optic nerves during surgery. Everything looks great!! :)

That Friday I had a follow-up appointment with my ENT surgeon. I was actually pretty excited for this considering I could not blow my nose since surgery and I couldn't even sneeze. This was terrible, (haha) so I could not wait  to see him because he was going to be cleaning me out. When we arrived at the appointment he did a lot of cleaning which did not feel the greatest, and he looked at my scar which he said was coming along fine. I felt much better after this appointment because I could breathe through my nose again.

I did return to work the Monday after (I believe this would be March 11th), however I was trying to wein myself off my steroids so I wasn't feeling the best. Everyday was different, it was a roller coaster of feelings and emotions. I actually even ended up having to go to emergency one night because I just wasn't feeling right. Turns out, I was going through steroid withdrawal. What a terrible feeling! Anyways, all I could basically do at this point was to rest and take care of myself as best I could. I only worked this week part-time because of this, I figured my health was pretty important.

On March 20th I had two more follow-up appointments, one with my Endocrinologist and one with my ENT surgeon. At first I went to meet up with my Endocrinologist and she said the results from my blood work looked great. Some things were back to normal and other things were getting back on track to being normal. This was awesome!! She also told me they did a biopsy on the tumor and I now am 100% diagnosed with Cushing's Disease. (Well hopefully now the little bugger never decides to grow back so I don't have to deal with it again.)
After my appointment with the Endocrinologist I went to the ENT office. I wasn't looking forward to the visit this time because I knew what to expect and it wasn't the best feeling. It was nice to get my nose cleaned out again tho because I still wasn't aloud to blow my nose or sneeze. He said my visit this time was almost like day and night compared to last time. I was healing up just the way he wanted me to. He also told me that I could start doing very light activity which was nice because I wanted to start swimming or doing something to get moving again.

There were still some funky things happening with my smell and the way I was feeling so I thought maybe it was a good idea to get in contact with my Neurosurgeon just in case since I didn't see him for another two weeks. There are no words to explain how Thankful I am to have such an amazing person as my Neurosurgeon. Him and his staff are so helpful and I am in contact via e-mail with him so if I have any concerns I can deal with him directly. He actually sent me for an emergency EEG, but he reassured me not to worry as he thinks it will turn out to be nothing serious.

The days are still a roller coaster, but I am starting to feel much better. I am back at work and now just to slowly get back into things, I started swimming and already I think its making me feel a bit better. I also started to wein myself off my steroids again in hopes this time I don't feel as terrible doing it.
I have two more follow-up appointments next week, which one is my Neurosurgeon. It will be my first follow-up appointment with him and I'm just so excited to see him so I can Thank him for everything he has done for me. Really he has given me a second chance at life and I don't think there are any words that can describe how Thankful I am.

It's going to be a long road but I think now I am ready, ready for a new adventure and a new ME!! With that being said I believe I was given this for a reason. I CAN handle it and I WILL!!! It's amazing what a little faith and positive thinking can do. Sometimes I consider myself lucky, things could have been much worse and also now I have something to look back on and I hope someday I can teach others about Cushing's Disease and everything I had learned on my adventure. There is more adventure ahead of me as well as I am still learning myself.

Here's to the road of recovery...

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