Wednesday, 27 March 2013


Well its been a little over a month now since I had my surgery, I have been trying to rest so I do apologize for the delay in blog!!

Heres my story...

Thursday February 21st was the day of my procedure, I was to be at Foothills hospital at 5:30am to check-in. Bradey, mom and myself left town around 4:45am with barely any sleep. I was way to excited, scared, nervous, I cant even explain the feeling I had that morning as we were on the way to the hospital. When we arrived I checked in and headed up to the third floor where I had to change into my hospital clothes. Everything happened so fast.. I was changing and the next thing I knew the porter was there to take me to the main building where I was to get my operation. YIKES!!!

They wheeled me through some big doors, mom and Bradey at my side, and there it was just on my right hand side the room that everything was going to take place. At this point I was pretty nervous (who wouldn't be!!!) and the MRI technician came up to me and started to explain how I would have to go for an MRI before hand just so they could see everything in a clear picture before they started. While she was explaining everything we were awaiting the arrival of the surgery team. The ENT surgeon, my Neurosurgeon, Anesthesiologist and the rest of the team which I am unsure how many there were. I believe the first person to arrive was my ENT surgeon, he was incredible, introduced himself and asked if I had any questions. He also informed me that I would not have any packing in my nose after the surgery, this made me so happy! The next person to come introduce himself was my anesthesiologist which whom I was so nervous to meet because being put to sleep was one of my biggest worries. He talked to me about my fears and definitely made me feel more comfortable.
Then, my neurosurgeon, I knew the moment I saw him walk through the doors that I would become very emotional and everything would turn into a reality. Then it happened... there he was standing over my bed. So many emotions were going through my head, everything was now so real and at any time I would be wheeled into the room to start the procedure that would essentially change my life. It was so amazing to know how calm he was and how amazing everyone there was. I couldn't be more thankful. My neurosurgeon asked me if I had any questions and also informed that he didn't think I needed an MRI, he just wanted to get started and he felt confident that nothing had changed since my last one.
I was still pretty anxious so my anesthesiologist offered to give me something to calm me down, I accepted at this point. With my mom and Bradey by my side, the anestegolost inserted my main IV in my hand. I don't know what he put in that IV but I was instantly relaxed. What felt like only seconds later I was saying Goodbye to both my mom and Bradey as they began to wheel me through the big operating doors. Again I can not express how amazing this whole team was, the nurse offered to hold my hand until I was asleep, they passed me the oxygen mask to hold onto my face and the very last thing I remember is my anesthesiologist telling me how amazing I was doing. OUT!! OPERATION TIME!

The very next thing I remember was in the recovery room and it took me awhile to wake up completely. I would come in and out of it, the nurse was asking me the same questions over and over again making sure I was functioning properly and there were no injuries to my brain. After being closely monitored they then transferred me to the 11th floor where I would then spend the next 4 days. When I arrived on the 11th floor, I was greeted by my mom and Bradey. As soon as I saw them I was so happy, everything finally over. I just had to face recovery and then get on the road to my new life.. I could finally start living again and hopefully start to feel like myself sooner then later.
I don't think I was in to much pain but I think that's because they were giving me doses of morphine and gravol, it was either the morphine or anesthetic that made me very sick. Then a couple hours after just sitting there they called me down to the basement level to do a post-op MRI. My dad and brother arrived just in time to come down with me and my mom and Bradey headed home after a very long 16 hour day.

Friday morning I was waken up by that mornings surgery team for a post-op update. Everything went very well, this was such a relief to hear. The surgeon was very happy with how things went. I also got the results from my post op MRI and everything looks very well. The pituitary gland may have been swollen but that's expected after being operated on. After the surgery team came, a team of Endocrinologist's came in the room and explained to me that my levels dropped drastically and they were very happy with how my blood work looked. My Cortisol levels were at levels of over 2,000 and by Friday morning had dropped to 106, because there was such a huge drop I was extremely nauseous. I knew with such a drastic change that it was going to be a long road of recovery and I would have to take steroid replacements for a long time until my body started to produce cortisol on its own again.
The next couple days were a roller coaster. The headaches would come and go, sickness would come and go, vitals every 4 hours, blood being drawn twice a day or more, having to pee in a hat and have it monitored after they took out my catheter, by the time Sunday came I was so ready to go home.
I had a room full of flowers which was an amazing feeling to know so many people were thinking of me and I was not alone. Not only did I have a hospital room full of flowers but I knew at home I had a house full waiting for me too.
Saturday I finally got out of bed and went for a walk which was really nice. I did start to feel better after I got moving. Saturday and Sunday I would get up and walk the hallway of floor 11. This was my excitement, however Sunday afternoon Bradey took me down to the main floor so I could get some fresh air but I still wasn't aloud to go home.

When Monday morning came around I was hoping the nurse would come in and say I could go home,  I had to wait until afternoon to get released but it was so nice when she finally said I was going to be going home and I could finally sleep in my own bed. I mean, things could be much worse and I am thankful to only have had to stay 4 nights there but it was a little longer then I thought and what I was told. I guess its good that I was left in good hands tho. :)

Bradey arrived around 10am that morning all ready to take me home,

Now, the road to recovery...

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