Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Recovery is a lot longer and a lot slower then I ever thought it would be.
Today I am exactly three months from my pituitary surgery.
I knew the road would be long but I think I expected a little to much. I knew I wouldn't feel right and I wouldn't just drop the weight that I gained but I honestly thought things would happen a lot faster then they are. That's O.K. When they say you feel like a wet noodle after, that's EXACTLY what I feel like.
Since my surgery:
I have been to emergency with extreme nausea caused by steroid withdrawals, and also with high blood pressure problems.
I have been up and down with my steroid doses.
I have seen an eye doctor twice to make sure they didn't hit any nerves while doing the surgery.
I have seen my Neurosurgeon for post op follow-up.
I have seen my ENT to get my nasal passage way cleaned out, I will continue to see him.
I have been to my family doctor for follow-ups.
I have also been to my Endocrinologist numerous times. I will continue to see her for a while to come. I have to be closely monitored with my blood work and growth hormones.
*Fingers crossed they stay normal!!* 
One thing I took on myself is acupuncture, I have only been to 2 sessions so far and I feel like they are helping with my healing process. I was a nervous to try this at first but having a couple needs is nothing compared to having blood taken or better yet, having someone dig in your nose. Acupuncture is something I believe I will continue for years to come :)
I still cant believe this whole journey and what has come to me. Everything has happened so fast but it has also been such a long road. I now know that this is something that is going to be with me for the rest of my life and it is something I have learned to accept.
I'm not going to let this get in the way of any dreams or goals I may have.
The tumor had control of my life for so many years that now its my turn, Its my turn to take control of everything that has happened and show everyone out there especially those suffering with Cushing's Disease that you can get past this awful disease and you can be exactly who you want to be. My dream is to do just that! <3
Cushing's Disease took so much from me and hurt me in so many ways that I cant even describe. Cushing's Disease doesn't change who you are on the inside but in some cases like mine it changes you on the outside. Cushing's Disease is just a little evil part of a persons life that changes the appearance in the most terrible ways. Everyone now a days judges a person on their outer beauty but its the inner beauty which matters the most. Cushing's Disease brought out the complete worst in me, from my appearance to my mood swings to my anxiety and much more.
There are some pretty amazing people who have stood beside me through every part of this, even before knowing I had this disease. Those who have stood by my side before, during and after are my rocks. Its those people who help me every single day.
This whole process has had a huge effect on my life and inside hurts me so much. It has hurt every single day. Getting the diagnoses hurt, although finally having an answer was so nice. The process leading up to surgery and even after. There are even times now that inside I can not describe the pain that I feel. Emotionally, Cushing's destroyed me! No more, I cant deal with the hurt anymore and now ...I will destroy Cushing's.
I am finally starting to feel normal again so its now my time.  
I also want to Thank everyone in my life who has been there supporting me every step of the way. Everyone who has helped me out with my healing. I know I already sent out a Thank you but I thought I would mention it again as it means the absolute world to me.
From one Cushie to another... Lets do this!!!!

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