Thursday, 18 April 2013

Cushing's Awareness Blog Challenge 2013 - Day 18

While I was being diagnosed with Cushing's Disease and going through months of testing, I was also training to run my first half marathon. In December of 2012, I flew to Las Vegas and ran the "Strip at Night". Keeping in the back of my mind that I could have Cushing's and I could have a pituitary tumor, I did not let that hold me back. I wanted to finish that race and prove to myself that anything is possible. I put a lot of hard work into training for the half marathon that I just couldn't let myself down.
It was just a few days after returning home that I had my MRI scan which revealed the tumor on my pituitary and once I figured this out and met with my Neurosurgeon, I knew surgery was just around the corner. I had to mentally prepare myself for this as I knew I had a long road and journey ahead of me.
The end of February 2013 is when I had my pituitary surgery and they removed the tumor. Knowing this is somewhat of a relief, but keeping in mind I will still be monitored closely.
I have been told to return back to life as if normal, although a lot easier said then done.
I registered for a number of races this summer, two which are half marathons. I did this because I want to prove to myself that anything is possible and also this gives me something to work towards. Now that I have been cleared by my doctor to return back to normal I have slowly started doing small work outs, walking and a little bit of swimming.
Yesterday, I went for my first "run" and let me tell you. It was probably the hardest thing (emotionally) for me to do. I could barely run a block without feeling exhausted. This is quiet the change considering 5 months ago I ran a half marathon.
I realize that I am still healing emotionally and physically and I have a long road ahead of me, and I also realize that things just cant change over night. This being said, I will admit this is extremely difficult to deal with. This is really upsetting for me but I do understand that its hard for others to understand as most people don't realize how hard this journey is emotionally. Physically it is exhausting and clearly everyone can see what impact it has on a person but the one thing is the emotional side. There is a lot more behind this disease that no one can see.
I am writing about this because I don't want anyone to give up on their dreams, as I will not give up on mine! I will work hard towards my goals even tho I know they may take longer then they should, I will succeed...
If your suffering from Cushing's or any other disease, or even if your healthy...
Believe in yourself and never, ever give up!

Dream big! <3


  1. Gail I am very glad that you posted this blog. I have just recently been diagnosed with Cushings Disease. I find it funny that I started at the beginning of last May 2012 running and training for a half marathon myself to now not being able to do much of anything. My first questions when I was going through all of this testing was "Will I ever be able to run again?". I am not the skinniest person but I was working extremely hard on becoming healthy and determined to turn myself into a runner. Then one thing happened after another and my goals seemed to disappear. I'm glad to hear that you are running! Everyone keeps telling me what a long recovery I am going to have (which doesn't set well in my stomach) but its easier to work towards a goal knowing its achievable!!!

  2. I am about 8 months out from adrenal surgery and am in awe of your aspirations. I feel much better but running a marathon (Half or not) isn't an option for me yet. I can barely get through a one hour yoga class or ride the stationary bike!!!