Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Cushing's Awareness Blog Challenge 2013 - Day 17

I'm about a week behind!! I went away for the weekend and got a little side tracked with some wedding activities!! :D

My journey with Cushing's Disease has had many ups and downs. There were days where I didn't think I could handle it anymore, and days that seemed so easy. Well I guess truthfully no day was really "easy", I seemed to be facing some kind of battle each day. Like I have said in previous posts... In ways I am Thankful to be dealt this card. No one wants to be sick but I believe only those who can handle it are given the battle to fight.
One side effect that I have been fighting for a long time is anxiety. Some people who suffer with Cushing's Disease also suffer with anxiety.
Anxiety: Also called angst or worry, is a psychological and physiological state characterized by somatic, emotional, cognitive and behavioural components. It is the displeasing feeling of fear or concern. The root meaning of the word anxiety is 'to vex or trouble', in either presence or absence of psychological stress, anxiety can create feelings of fear, worry, uneasiness, and dread. It is also associated with feelings of restlessness, fatigue, concentration problems, and muscle tension. However, anxiety should not be confused with fear, which is more of a dreaded feeling about something which appears intimidating and can overcome an individual. Anxiety is considered to be a normal reaction to a stressor. It may help an individual to deal with a demanding situation by prompting them to cope with it. However, when anxiety becomes overwhelming, it may fall under the classification of an anxiety disorder. As mentioned earlier, anxiety can be confused with fear. However, fear is concrete, (a real danger) whereas anxiety is the paranoia of something out there that seems menacing but may not be menacing, and, indeed, may not even be out there.
I copied the above definition from the internet just so there would be a better understanding of just exactly what anxiety is. To me anxiety is one of the scariest things I deal with on a daily basis. It's something that I can not control, and trust me if I could control it... I would. It is one thing I really wish I could grab a hold of because it is something that doesn't only effect me but it effects everyone around me. The constant worrying, crying for no reason, panicking over stuff that really isn't even happening. There is no reason that anyone around me should have to deal with this.
In my process of recovering from surgery I am trying to make myself healthy again as well, eating healthy and dealing with weight loss. Anxiety is also something that I am hoping to overcome.

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